In partnership with The Blue Planet Science Fiction Film Festival, Versatile Media Ltd. has launched The Blue Planet Versatile Vision Science-Fiction Film Initiative in China that will allow up-and-coming filmmakers to explore the possibilities offered by Virtual Production. Pairing a traditional Sci-Fi script competition with creative workshops and our technology, winning teams will unlock opportunities for training and production at Versatile Media’s studios. 

A collaboration with Academy Award winning cinematographer, Peter Pau of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, is confirmed. As chief mentor for our Sci-Fi initiative, Mr. Pau will provide hands-on guidance to the selected filmmaking teams, advising participants on how to utilize Versatile Media’s cutting edge technologies for artistic storytelling. 

Known for profound achievements in the art of film, Mr. Pau has always encouraged innovative filmmaking techniques and paid attention to how new technologies are changing the film industry and society. He has actively promoted the application of Virtual Production in the film & television industries and is one of the earliest supporters of the Versatile Production Pipeline. He believes that Sci-Fi and high-tech films are inseparable from virtual production.

Mr. Pau has extremely high standards for new filmmaking techniques. For him,  virtual production technology must be able to bring creative artists enough freedom and allow them to shoot films indistinguishable from, or even better than traditional principal shooting.

Virtual production is not just the use of LED volumes, it’s a whole new way of thinking about filmmaking. In the past year, Mr. Pau was able to work directly with our team and The Versatile Stage, utilizing the production-intuitive tools that are setting our system apart.  When the opportunity came along to mentor a new generation of storytellers, he was on board.

Mr. Pau adds: “You can shoot your film partially or entirely through Virtual Production, depending on your budget. It allows projects to have boundless creativity with imagination being the only limits to the appearance of the final picture.”

More on The Versatile Vision Science Fiction Film Initiative

Earlier this year, we launched Versatile Vision for its inaugural year in partnership with  the 4th Annual Blue Planet Sci-Fi Film Festival. Twenty-one teams will be selected based on their sci-fi project submissions. These teams will be invited to an immersive training with our virtual production technology. Five of those teams will have the chance to utilize our technology to film a short proof-of-concept for their projects to then pitch at a large-scale industry event that Versatile Media will host at the end of the year.

The Blue Planet and Versatile Vision Initiative

The Versatile Vision program inspires great sci-fi projects and filmmakers with a platform, training, and experience with the most cutting-edge filmmaking technologies.

About Versatile Media Ltd.

Versatile Media Ltd. is a global media company founded in 1993. The company has nearly 500 creative and technical artists and R&D staff, globally. The newly created North American virtual production studios are based in Vancouver, Canada. The company has built a full cycle virtual production workflow for both servicing the film and television industry as well as producing its own IP and co-produced projects.

International Growth

Versatile Media’s global expansions include a 44,000 square foot film centre in Vancouver that will include at least one high-end, large LED volume as well as traditional sound stages and amenities.  In addition to Vancouver’s stages, the global initiatives will also see the construction of a 12 acre film base near Hangzhou where, among other installations,  5 LED volumes will be built, in addition to 2 existing LED stages, as well as capture and visualization stages. 

The goals for Versatile Media Ltd., are to contribute to the technological transformation taking place in the entertainment sector, empower filmmakers and to bring audiences completely new experiences. 

About The Blue Planet 

​​The Blue Planet is China’s first Sci-Fi-themed film festival and an all-embracing cultural event that crosses boundaries and opens new frontiers. Since its inception in 2019, it has collected over 750 Sci-Fi projects from more than 30 countries and regions around the world. It showcases the new explorations and vision in Sci-Fi movies of young filmmakers, globally. The Blue Planet is now the biggest platform in China for Sci-Fi film screenings, talent exchange and Sci-Fi content gatherings. Blue Planet is also the only domestic platform for the integration of technology and film & TV. The Blue Planet initiated the Global Alliance of Sci-Fi Film Festivals, aiming to promote the communication and co-operation of domestic and international Sci-Fi films.

Check out the first Sci-Fi short film produced entirely on The Versatile Stage:

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