Versatile Media has rolled out its first ever Apprentice Program focused entirely on a Virtual Production Pipeline and aimed at increasing skilled, local talent for the film and animation sector.

Learn while you work and get paid. That will be the main focus and recruitment initiatives at Versatile over the next few years.  We are investing in the future of virtual production beginning with its talent and labour right here at home.

Our studios in Vancouver run on a full cycle virtual production pipeline with two studios, each 3500 square ft. and comprised of state-of-the-art motion and performance capture technology running on UE for real-time rendering. This allows directors to shoot performance, previz and edit in real-time.

With full cycle Virtual Production in its infancy, the labour market is in much the same place. While still in need of skilled and senior talent we also have both the opportunity and duty to teach and mentor the next generation of virtual production crews, says Steve Read, VP and Head of Studio at Versatile Media, Canada.

We are extremely excited to introduce Versatile’s Apprentice Program. It will be an on-going initiative that takes place throughout the year where, depending on the number of candidates who apply, several successful and talented interns will be chosen to join our program throughout the year. Each apprentice will have the opportunity to work at our studio for 6 months.

Prior to committing to this strategy, we began our “Beta” program with a very talented graduate, Isabella Hallam. She is our first Apprentice that began her tenure 2 months ago. Isabella is a recent graduate of Capilano University’s 4-year film program.  Isabella’s passion lies in production flow and is immersed in all aspects of our virtual production including our motion capture technology. 

“I recently graduated with a Bachelor of Motion Picture Arts Degree at Capilano University and initially wanted to guide my career into post-production.

My time, here at Versatile, is teaching me a new generation of filmmaking that is going to change the way people view entertainment. Not only does the concept blow my mind but I am being taught and supervised by absolute legends that have worked on films such as Lord of the Rings, Happy Feet, Marvel Films, King Kong, Avatar and many more. I am truly honoured and so lucky to be in this position and I learn so much every single day. I can’t stop smiling.” 

Isabella Hallam, Apprentice at Versatile.

Our Apprentice post is open all year long.  We will invite qualified graduates to interview with our team.  The strongest candidates will be chosen to join our program periodically. Upon successful completion, they will receive a Certificate of Completion on our 6-month Virtual Production Apprenticeship.

The program will be broken down into department modules that allow our interns to move into each sector of the pipeline and learn how our virtual production workflow happens from beginning to end, all while working alongside seasoned veterans from the VFX, gaming and animation industry.

We are committed to enriching the local talent pool and not only sharing knowledge and growing talent but to also put Vancouver on the global map as a competitive Virtual Production hub. Besides infrastructure, it all begins with skilled talent.

About Versatile Media

Versatile Media Canada is a virtual production company focused on producing content within a virtual production and real-time workflow. We not only created a real-time pipeline for productions and clients but also for the production of our own intellectual property and co-production ventures. Our purpose-built performance capture stages are located in the heart of Vancouver’s Port Town and boasts 12,000 square feet of stage and production space.

Versatile Media is a global film studio and modern media company, founded in 1993. The company has over 450 creative and technical artists and R&D staff worldwide, including in Hangzhou, Beijing and Vancouver. 

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